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Cue the Sleazeballs

Followers of "Q" conspiracy theory "drops" like to display their intelligence creds by posting photos and messages like the one below which supposedly offers evidence that Joe Biden is part of some Satanic Cabal of Deep State Pedophiles that control global, private and government institutions including the FBI, NSA CIA, global banking, and so on and so forth. (The hashtags in the pictured Tweet - #QAnon, #TheStorm, #FollowTheWhiteRabbit - are links to Q conspiracy pages.)

So let's, for a moment, follow the bread crumb and look into this so-called disturbing photo of Joe Biden. What do we have here? What has "surfaced"?

What we actually have in this tweeted message is a cropped Associated Press photo of Joe Biden at his son's funeral in 2015.

Twitter Image

Biden is seen comforting his grandson, the late Beau Biden's son, during his father's burial service. The twit who posted the tweet above likes to think of himself as "a visionary entrepreneur with a focus on digital technology and a strong passion for resolving social issues."

Yeah, sure. But apparently this self-described visionary has yet to discover Google's digital image search technology.

Let's play along - see how this works:

Here, at left, we have a photo of Ronald Reagan (which, obviously, is very disturbing. Someone should take a closer look at him.) Right, because this photo of RR offers clear evidence that RR may have been an early founder of the Global Satanic child molesting Pedo Cabal! Of course it does. The photo was probably taken inside some secretive deep underground child sex trafficking bunker decades ago. Or the basement of a pizza parlor. Of course it was.

What other conclusion could a passionate social issue visionary conclude?

Here's the uncropped photo: It's a picture of RR with his first wife Jane Wyman and their daughter Maureen, circa 1943.

BOOM! See how that works? Jane Wyman, we must conclude, was also part of the cabal!

They don't call 'em Deplorables for nothing.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Jared Kushner Takes Destiny in Hand

Because it's never too soon to plan for the future.

Google News headlines:

Breitbart News headline:

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Badfella - Bannon Knocked Out

Anyone looking for a fresh honey badger pelt?

Bannon out at Breitbart
Decides to "step down"

Uh huh. I'll bet he had some help down the steps too. Looks like "Becky Cookies" Mercer has decided to break off "Sloppy Steve" and dump him in a heap on the sidewalk in front of the Breitbart Social Club. No doubt a warning to anyone else thinking of undermining the Trump bratva. It could have been worse; the "Honey Badger" could have wound up with his dick in his mouth and stuffed in a heat sealed bag of breakup snickerdoodles delivered to Michael Wolff's front door by a guy with a dagger tattoo through his neck.

What becomes of Breitbart remains to be seen. Someone else will likely move into Bannon's chair at the "office". Breitbart generates to much action for the Mercer's to completely wash their hands of it. Oversight of the operation may be left to intermediaries ("beneficial owners") or other close friends whose loyalties to the Trump family remain reliable. What's Anthony "Tony Shade" Scaramucci doing these days?

“This life of ours, this is a wonderful life. If you can get through life like this and get away with it, hey, that’s great. But its very, very unpredictable. There’s so many ways you can screw it up.”
- Paul "Big Paulie" Castellano


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Monday, January 8, 2018

Sloppy Steve Bannon Comes Out From Under His Mattress

Trump family capo "Sloppy Steve" Bannon (when not watching TV with other Breitbart crew members) is reportedly laying low (presumably on, or under, a mattress) in the attic of his Breitbart Social Club in Washington D.C.. Pensively awaiting word on what's to be done with him, or to him, for his alleged role in an apparent attempted media hit-job on Trump family boss Don "Pussy Fingers" Trump.

Bannon, who may not have denied emphatically enough accusations that he betrayed sensitive Trump family confidences to media infiltrator Michael Wolff, has been laying low since revelations about the secretive inner circle of the Trump organization became public last week.

Bannon, considered a family ultra-nationalist, was especially critical of Don Trump's son Don Junior (aka: Donny "No-chin" or Donny "Egg") for his outreach and collusion with foreign Russian "associates". Outreach that capo Bannon allegedly characterized as "treasonous".

Bannon has since denied he was speaking about Don Jr. when speaking of treason, and was, rather, referring to Paul "Paulie Laundry" Manafort the Trump family capo pinched for his reported connections to friends and associates of Trump family shadow boss Vladamir "Possum Face" Putin.

Regardless of who exactly Bannon claims to have been referring to even the impression one might be boot-stomping the boss's son on the carpet in front of an outsider like Wolff is a serious breach of the family's code of conduct. To add insult to injury Bannon - clearly jacked up following his reported assault on the "Egg" - decided to persist with the flogging by offering to Mr. Wolff his unreserved opinion that Don Trump's daughter Ivanka (aka: "Ivanka the Terrible") is "dumb as a brick".

Consequently, this pronouncement from Bannon may have earned her the nickname "Gold Brick" among some members of the borgata (who will understandably prefer to remain anonymous).

A swipe which isn't going to sit well with the dumb brick's daddy who not only considers himself an unassailable monolithic genius by any mortal standard but also considers his daughter a manifest counterpart to the legacy of no-less than Queen Boudica. For the Don daughter Ivanka could have driven the Roman legions from Camulodunum wearing a pair of Kate Spade Santarosa pumps while riding into battle astride an enormous plush bunny rabbit from FAO Schwartz. This flower of strength will forever forge ahead.

All of this might bring to mind the old saying "what the fuck is going on here". But hang in there; it all makes sense if you follow the giant bunny rabbit down the giant bunny rabbit hole that is the Trump family organization.

Now did'ja hear 'bout Louie Miller?
He disappeared, babe
After drawin' out all his hard-earned cash
And now MacHeath spends just like a sailor
Could it be our boy's done somethin' rash?

Breitbart Social Club in D.C.
Back at the Breitbart Social Club Bobby Darin is singing about the menacing nature of sharks and Rebekah "Becky Cookies" Mercer turns up the volume on the portable CD player.

She's been making it abundantly clear to Sloppy Steve that her daddy owns a very large boat - about 75 million large - and this large boat is uniquely suited to traversing large expanses of very remote ocean waters. Very deep remote ocean waters where, if someone were not very careful, and someone were instead excessively reckless, that someone could easily be swept away by very deep and powerful currents. Swept away "somewhere beyond the sea, somewhere waiting for ___." If ya get my drift.

You know when that shark bites
With his teeth, babe
Scarlet billows
Start to spread
Fancy gloves, though
Wears ol' Macheath, babe
So there's never, never a trace of red

These inspiring little sea shanties more than likely impressed upon Sloppy Steve (an old Navy man himself and no stranger to the big water) the importance of clarity of language and the power of metaphor and therefore helped procure the following clarification from the now repentant capo:

"My comments were aimed at Paul Manafort, a seasoned campaign professional with experience and knowledge of how the Russians operate. He should have known they are duplicitous, cunning and not our friends. To reiterate, those comments were not aimed at Don Jr."

Of course. Fortunately for Bannon his co-caposcemo "Paulie Laundry" has other more pressing problems to occupy his time and most likely won't be available for retort since he seems to have gambled away any comeback cash he had left in his cache on a failed long shot influence peddling caper involving a Ukrainian bag-man and the editorial pages of selected media marks.

Paulie Laundry (R) with bag-man Konstantin Kilimnik

Bannon may have bought himself a pass for now but he'll no doubt be taxed for his disrespectful behavior for a while to come. What becomes of the Breitbart Social Club remains to be seen as well although I'd bet the Mercer bakery keeps the cannoli coming as long as Sloppy Steve promises to stop feeding them to his own mutinous ambitions. (There is nothing sadder than a sloppy fat man eating alone in bed.)

PHOTO: (at left) Trump family social media muscle, and former golf caddy to the boss, Dan "Stick Boy" Scavino (wanted for violations of the Hatch Act) with Rebekah "Becky Cookies" Mercer (right) -- (top center) Scruffy Steve Bannon in happier times. -- (also pictured) "Untouchable" Hope Hicks (back left) and Kellyanne "Nails" Conway (front center)

Additionally, Mr. Bannon must agree to stop wearing two or three collared shirts at a time under a sport coat and buy himself a nice quiet respectable necktie. Or one will be provided for him. And it won't be the kind that looks handsome in all the pictures. Cah-peesh?

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Trump and Lindsey Graham Go For A Walk

Trump and Graham having a conversation on the golf course. Transcript of conversation below:

TRUMP: Lindsey, I like you. You're a great guy. Believe me, I think you're wonderful.

GRAHAM: I think you once called me a zero and a nut job and...

TRUMP: Listen to me Lindsey. Listen. Friends of mine - people - people I know tell me things, things about people, people like you. Friends from Miami Beach, or Palm Beach, or Brighton Beach, or some beach somewhere... it doesn't matter where the beach is. These people, and I know people, they tell me they found something of yours...

GRAHAM: What? What kind of thing did...

TRUMP: Excuse me, things. Things of yours. Things on the beach. Photo things. Photos of you. They said they came from the clouds - whatever that means.

GRAHAM: The clouds? You mean IT cloud, networking...

TRUMP: Excuse me. Excuse me. Yeah, the cloud. In the cloud. Whatever IT is. Photos of you, in the cloud. Or something. And I was just wondering if you might have some idea or suggestion as to what should be done with these things that dropped out of the cloud and right onto the beach in front of my friends. Where they picked them up and put them in their pockets like precious little sea shells.

GRAHAM: Uhmm, I see. Were any of these friends named...

TRUMP: Excuse me. I don't know who they are, they're just people. People with funny names like Boils and Shovelhead and The White Sturgeon. And Shovelhead had a picture of YOU wearing a pair of leather underpants and holding a frilly parasol and...

GRAHAM: Oh, jesus.

TRUMP: I especially like the one where you're on your hands and knees licking a cake and there's some guy dressed like a confederate cavalry officer poking at you with a...

GRAHAM: Oh please stop, please! Please, what do you want me...

TRUMP: Shut up. Stop crying. I told you I like you. Although that stuff in the picture with the barbie doll was pretty weird. I still like you. I'm sorry I said you were one of the dumbest human beings I’d ever seen. And this is your chance to prove you aren't.

GRAHAM: But that's not really...

TRUMP: Close enough for radio!

GRAHAM: Are you trying to tell me...

TRUMP: Excuse me. I'll bet it was a hell of a party too. I haven't been to a party like that since Roy died. What's Fire Island like these days anyway? Nevermind... what I'm telling you is you can have these things we have, I mean I have, I mean they have, I mean there are more. Plenty more where these came from - so...

GRAHAM: What do you want me... I can't...

TRUMP: Lindsey, get a hold of yourself, listen to me. All I want you to do is get that fucking English spook off of me and my kids. What's his name, Remington Steele...

GRAHAM: Christopher Steele...

TRUMP: Yeah, that one, Christopher Steele, the dossier guy. Make it all go away. Make it all go away and I'll make sure you're the president in 2020. Don't worry about Pence either. I'll make sure that dud won't bother you. He's a fraud. Did you know that he spent nearly fifteen large in campaign money buying Franklin Mint Life of Christ collector plates...

GRAHAM: Uh, no I didn't... Donald, what you are asking me...

TRUMP: I'm not asking, I'm telling. Do it! Make sure that yokel Grassley stays on board too. He's a part of that deep state religious cult out in Arlington that throws the National Prayer Breakfast shindig every year. Tell him he can hold it at Trump International in D.C. from now on - he can have the Presidential Ballroom! - and I'll comp the whole god damned thing until Jesus Christ himself marches up Pennsylvania Ave leading Jack Pershing's US Army Band Trumpet Ensemble if he just makes that fuckin' dossier stop doing whatever it's fuckin' doing!

GRAHAM: Sir? Are you sure I will be president? I mean...

TRUMP: Believe me. I'm sure. I've never been so sure. I know I once said that you couldn't get elected dog catcher in South Carolina but who would want to be a dog catcher in the first place? Not you. I know the best people when I see 'em and you've got that presidential sparkle. Believe me. You'll be the second best president in history. It'll be like me #1, you #2, and John C. Calhoun #3. Can I count on you? Lindsey! Swear to me I can count on you.

GRAHAM: Yes sir, Mr. President, you have my word, you can count on me.

TRUMP: Good job. You're a great guy Lindsey. Take your sea shells and finish your putt. Drop that bad boy down the drain and we'll get out of here.

Mine's a gimme so I'll wait in the cart.

GRAHAM: Thank you sir.

Ivanka Trump whacks a golf ball while wearing high heels.

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