Thursday, January 4, 2018

War for Control of GOP Rackets!


Rebekah "Becky Cookies" Mercer, daughter of Robert "Bobby Wallet"* Mercer, boss of the Mercer family, told the Washington Post that the Mercer family no longer has anything to do with Steve Bannon.

* The Mercer Family is often referred to as "The Wallet"

"My family and I, we doan know 'bout this Bannon guy no more. Not in many months anyway. My family, we like to help people out. But this guy? This frickin' guy. He's a degenerate gambler. He reaches out a while back and we try to help him out - he thinks he's a big earner, see - and he goes and puts all his money on some broke down nutso hillbilly gimp horse in Alabama and looses both his fuckin' shirts. Pazzo! The stupid bastard. And now we find out he's been sharing a table with some stranger and running his mouth... he's got a beef with this guy, gotta beef with that guy... who knows what else he's telling people. So do we support this gavone? What do you think?"

Despite these claims the Mercer's remain tied financially to the Bannon faction due to their interest in the Breitbart Social Club (Bannon holds onto a leadership chair at Breitbart) which the Mercer's are, or were, at one time, co-owners. The Mercer's deny any ownership role. Regardless both Bannon and Mercer share a common interest in the family's Alt-Right protection rackets operating within the GOP and often coordinated through Breitbart.

Rumor is a Mercer sit down will decide what to do about the "Bannon problem".  So if I were Sloppy Steve I'd stay away from Umberto's Clam House at four in the morning.


Short List of TRUMP MOB PLAYERS to watch


BOSS: Donald J. Trump / "The Blowfish" - "Donny Two Scoops" - "Pussy Fingers"

UNDERBOSS: Mike Pence / "White Rabbit" - "Mikey Dormouse" - "The Apprentice"

CONSIGLIERI: Jared Kushner / "The In-Law" - "The International Jew" (status uncertain following ill advised hit attempt on FBI director)

STREET BOSS: John Kelly / "Lost Cause" - "Mr. Fix-it" - "The Gatekeeper" - "Headsman"

SHADOW BOSS: Vladimir Putin / "Uncle Koba" - "The Volunteer" - "The Raven" - "Puppet Master" - "Possum Face"


Paul Manafort / "Paulie Laundry" (currently under indictment)

Stephen Bannon / "Stevie Undershirts" - "Stevie 2 Shirts" - "Bam Bam" - "Sloppy Steve" (rogue capo Breitbart faction)

Michael T. Flynn (Sr.) / "The Turk" - "The Abductor" - "Misha" (inactive / protected witness / awaiting sentencing)

Jeff Sessions / "Dixie Cup" - "The Imp" - "The Varmint"

Reince Priebus / "Scitzo" - "The Bug" (inactive / status undetermined)

Ivanka Trump /  "The Corpse Bride" - "Ivanka the Terrible" - "Gold Brick"

Hope Hicks /  "Untouchable" - "Sugardaughter"


Michael G. Flynn (Jr) - "Little Misha" - "Little Flynn" (son of Mike Flynn Sr. / under investigation / expected immunity)

Donald Trump Jr
. - "Baby Don" - "Donny Egg" - "Donny No-chin"

Devin Nunes
- "Houseplant"

George Papadopoulos
-  "Coffee Boy" - "Spurious George" (awaiting sentencing / protected witness)

Anthony Scaramucci - "The Ant" - "Tony Lips" - "Tony Shade" (former Trump family Messaggero)

Sebastian Gorka - "Luka" - "The Hunkie" - "Cabbage Breath" - "Sour Kraut" (Bannon alt-right crew)

Keith Schiller - "Lurch"  (former Trump Sr. bodyguard/security director.)

Stephen Miller - "Pee Wee" - "Slithering Steve" (status: possible advancement following assault on cable television news host)

ASSOCIATED (of interest)

Roger Stone - "Tricky Dick" - "Jolly Roger" - "Zippy" (for his resemblance to the comic book character Zippy the Pinhead)

Julian Assange - "Pigeon" or "Pigeon Coop" - "Mr. October" - "The Ass Hole" and "Massange Parlor" (references to the Ecuadorian embassy in London where Assange resides)

Bijan Kian - "The Bald Persian" / (Flynn Sr.'s business partner)

Rick Gates - "Bloc Party" / Manafort lieutenant and business partner (indicted)


Carter Page - "Gabby"


Roy Cohn - Post mortem paragon and old clubbing buddy of  Don Trump. A former member of the John Birch Society. Defended Gambino crew members John Gotti and Angelo Ruggiero against murder charges in 1973.

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