Saturday, August 19, 2017

Stephen Bannon Declares War on Everything

Stephen Bannon reportedly fled the White House for the safety of Robert Mercer's Kehlsteinhaus. What is that? Think of it as some kind of shadowy secretive elite wingnut DEEP STATE hidey-hole lodge administered by Breitbart-dot-com sugar daddy Robert "deep pockets" Mercer and his daughter Rebekah (who was also a member of Trump's transition team executive committee).

According to Newsmax landlord Christopher Ruddy Rebekah Mercer is "the First Lady of the alt-right". She's the Bride of Pepe. See The Reclusive Hedge Fund Tycoon Behind the Trump Presidency; How Robert Mercer exploited America's populist insurgency, by Jane Mayer; New Yorker magazine, March, 2017. HERE

Being the Bride of Pepe comes with its own rewards and responsibilities and "Bekah" apparently lobbied on behalf of the Bannon, to spare him from White House Chief of Staff John Kelly's swamp axe, but to no avail. Sad.

But not so sad too! Because the Bride of Pepe comes with a substantial dowry which Pepe will undoubtedly hand over to Bannon as tribute as soon as Bannon returns to Hollywood. The freak show must go on afterall and a dumb looking cartoon frog with the emotional constitution of a fifteen year old Nazi crank whore won't get in the way of experienced blockleiters like Steve Bannon and Bekah Mercer. No siree. So don't get cute with the Wingnut Deep State elite, frog clown, or your well endowed bride will strangle you in your deep sleep with your own tongue.

I think it's safe to say that by now the dirty Bannon has returned to his old roosting cavity at Breitbart where he can continue to perfect, if Smoochie Scaramucci can be believed, the tantric art of auto fellatio. And, should all go as envisaged, in time, become one with the Godhead thus thrusting himself onto the mystical stage of the traditional uranic Superman. Or something.

Something we are told to do with bellowing about snooty elites and globalists (except for the globalist elites who give him lots of money) or whatever it is that keeps him up tossing and turning on his bed of straw every night. In any case he'll be back at Breitbart waging populist jihad in no time. As of this writing it is being reported that he has already arrived. Plucked from the swamp and dropped back into his old fighting chair. As if someone had fished a fat natterjack bufo toad from the wetlands of the Potomac and flung it back into the old mucky bucket of sludge it hopped out of in the first place.

Speaking of fishing: Bannon kind of reminds me of Roberto Farinacci the deranged Italian fascist local squadrismo (Blackshirt) leader who lost his right hand while fishing with a grenade. The kind of fishing trip only an Italian Futurist (or maybe Ted Nugent) could appreciate.

Farnacci thought Mussolini was to much of a squish and posed a challenge to the Duce's leadership of the Fascist Party in the mid 1920s when Mussolini decided to concentrate his power by folding the unruly local Fascist Blackshirt squads into the National Militia.
By now there was a widespread opinion that the only way to have a "moderate" Fascism, envisaged as an alternative to the extremism of men like Farinacci and the ras, was to place power entirely in Mussolini's hands and follow on behind - wherever his impulses and decisions and extravagant behavior led. ~ (Il Duce and his Women; Mussolini's Rise to Power, by Roberto Olla)

Note: A ras being a high ranking member of the National Fascist Party as well as a local province leader. Farinacci was the ras of Cremona.

And where do you think Donald Trump's impulses and extravagant behavior might lead now? Who knows. Maybe he'll hire Joseph Farah as Chief Strategist. Is he available or is he still in Hawaii looking for Obama's birth certificate? Is Pat Buchanan looking for work? Is Pat Buchanan still alive? What about Frederick Douglas? Is he looking for more recognition? Someone get this golf cart out of the weeds!

"The Trump presidency that we fought for, and won, is over." - Stephen Bannon
What he means is that the Steve Bannon presidency is over. The Trump presidency, whatever that is, will now emerge from the twisted steaming wreckage that it has become and stumble dumbstruck and half-ass backwards right into the path of a speeding tractor trailer... driven by Steve Bannon.

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