Thursday, August 13, 2015

Operation Huge Deal - The Clinton / Trump Email Connection

Many true conservatives who believe in freedom and liberty and Jesus and Christmas and Ronald Reagan and low taxes and the Mayflower and American exceptionalism  and other stuff  like that also find it hard to believe that Donald Trump is really a true-blue red blooded conservative who also believes all those things I just mentioned. Instead, they think that Trump may be some kind of secret Bohemian Grove Demorat mole running some kind of cunning Operation Chaos false flag black-op game from within the Republican party.

On Wednesday afternoon a caller to the Rush Limbaugh radio show revealed such skepticism when she had this to say about The Donald:
CALLER: Great. (giggles) I just had a comment.  I'm just been very frustrated to see people flock to Trump.  I recognize he has this persona of no fear, he's not politically correct, but to me there's little difference between him and Obama.  Their beliefs, their character, are very similar.  The only difference I see is Trump uses his own money to get what he wants and Obama uses --
CALLER:  Well, what I mean is their character is very similar.  He's very liberal. He has very little standards.  I mean, he's even said he supports the health care system. You know, he thinks he can just mow over people. He says he hires people and he gets what he wants with money.  He said that's why he supported Hillary Clinton was to get what he wanted. 
RUSH:  Well, there are some people that think Trump is a closet liberal.  There are some people who think that he's a wide open liberal who has enough conservative philosophy mixed in to convince people.  So you're not alone in this, and Trump has been asked this question, and he says, "Hey, everybody changes. We all change."  He uses Reagan.  "You know, Reagan used to be a big Democrat.  I knew Reagan!  Reagan was a great guy.  Reagan loved me!  Did you know that?  Reagan loved Trump.  Did you know that?  You probably didn't know that.  Trump was loved by Reagan.  Reagan was a big Democrat.  We talked about!  We talked about it!" 

And now we have at least one top secret Clinton email which appears to establish a direct connection between Hillary and The Donald (TD=The Donald).

click image for clearer view

An email exchange which dates back to May of 2015. The same time frame given by Trump's campaign staff confirming a phone conversation between Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

Is this correspondence a smoking gun? And aren't guns a good thing? Especially if they are smoking.

What the email appears to reveal is that there was some kind of arrangement between the Clinton's and Trump (TDNo1@TrumpTowers)  to launch a false flag campaign operation of some kind at some point. Note the reference to Operation Huge Deal (OHD) and Hillary's "false flag" with smiley-face codespeak. Clearly signaling her approval.

It's difficult to say for sure what any of this may actually mean or what it may have to do with any political campaign - if at all - and perhaps it is nothing more than a reference to a dinner party on Martha's Vineyard ("The birds are in the vineyard"). Ok, but, the reference to "hats" is additionally interesting. The Trump campaign is, in fact, fond of hats with the slogan "Make America Great Again" printed on them. We know that for sure. But do people wear hats to dinner parties on Martha's Vineyard? It's certainly possible.

And what to make of Hillary's "false flag" comment? Is this a reference to some kind of tradecraft or, instead, to some kind of wife swapping "party game" ("Maybe best party game ever") that rich powerful elite political insider people like to play when they are on vacation? Could that explain the presence of hats -- whoever they are or whatever that means. Maybe someone at the Women's Fabian Society will be able to provide some clarification here.

And who is DK and why would anyone want to shit on his or her airplane?

I guess plenty of questions remain unanswered and until I can finish sorting through all of the flash drives - that I got from a guy who called himself "The Manticle" - those unanswered questions will almost certainly remain unanswered. NOTE: If you never hear from me again - I think we'll have our answer.

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