Saturday, August 19, 2017

Stephen Bannon Declares War on Everything

Stephen Bannon reportedly fled the White House for the safety of Robert Mercer's Kehlsteinhaus. What is that? Think of it as some kind of shadowy secretive elite wingnut DEEP STATE hidey-hole lodge administered by Breitbart-dot-com sugar daddy Robert "deep pockets" Mercer and his daughter Rebekah (who was also a member of Trump's transition team executive committee).

According to Newsmax landlord Christopher Ruddy Rebekah Mercer is "the First Lady of the alt-right". She's the Bride of Pepe. See The Reclusive Hedge Fund Tycoon Behind the Trump Presidency; How Robert Mercer exploited America's populist insurgency, by Jane Mayer; New Yorker magazine, March, 2017. HERE

Being the Bride of Pepe comes with its own rewards and responsibilities and "Bekah" apparently lobbied on behalf of the Bannon, to spare him from White House Chief of Staff John Kelly's swamp axe, but to no avail. Sad.

But not so sad too! Because the Bride of Pepe comes with a substantial dowry which Pepe will undoubtedly hand over to Bannon as tribute as soon as Bannon returns to Hollywood. The freak show must go on afterall and a dumb looking cartoon frog with the emotional constitution of a fifteen year old Nazi crank whore won't get in the way of experienced blockleiters like Steve Bannon and Bekah Mercer. No siree. So don't get cute with the Wingnut Deep State elite, frog clown, or your well endowed bride will strangle you in your deep sleep with your own tongue.

I think it's safe to say that by now the dirty Bannon has returned to his old roosting cavity at Breitbart where he can continue to perfect, if Smoochie Scaramucci can be believed, the tantric art of auto fellatio. And, should all go as envisaged, in time, become one with the Godhead thus thrusting himself onto the mystical stage of the traditional uranic Superman. Or something.

Something we are told to do with bellowing about snooty elites and globalists (except for the globalist elites who give him lots of money) or whatever it is that keeps him up tossing and turning on his bed of straw every night. In any case he'll be back at Breitbart waging populist jihad in no time. As of this writing it is being reported that he has already arrived. Plucked from the swamp and dropped back into his old fighting chair. As if someone had fished a fat natterjack bufo toad from the wetlands of the Potomac and flung it back into the old mucky bucket of sludge it hopped out of in the first place.

Speaking of fishing: Bannon kind of reminds me of Roberto Farinacci the deranged Italian fascist local squadrismo (Blackshirt) leader who lost his right hand while fishing with a grenade. The kind of fishing trip only an Italian Futurist (or maybe Ted Nugent) could appreciate.

Farnacci thought Mussolini was to much of a squish and posed a challenge to the Duce's leadership of the Fascist Party in the mid 1920s when Mussolini decided to concentrate his power by folding the unruly local Fascist Blackshirt squads into the National Militia.
By now there was a widespread opinion that the only way to have a "moderate" Fascism, envisaged as an alternative to the extremism of men like Farinacci and the ras, was to place power entirely in Mussolini's hands and follow on behind - wherever his impulses and decisions and extravagant behavior led. ~ (Il Duce and his Women; Mussolini's Rise to Power, by Roberto Olla)

Note: A ras being a high ranking member of the National Fascist Party as well as a local province leader. Farinacci was the ras of Cremona.

And where do you think Donald Trump's impulses and extravagant behavior might lead now? Who knows. Maybe he'll hire Joseph Farah as Chief Strategist. Is he available or is he still in Hawaii looking for Obama's birth certificate? Is Pat Buchanan looking for work? Is Pat Buchanan still alive? What about Frederick Douglas? Is he looking for more recognition? Someone get this golf cart out of the weeds!

"The Trump presidency that we fought for, and won, is over." - Stephen Bannon
What he means is that the Steve Bannon presidency is over. The Trump presidency, whatever that is, will now emerge from the twisted steaming wreckage that it has become and stumble dumbstruck and half-ass backwards right into the path of a speeding tractor trailer... driven by Steve Bannon.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Donald Trump's Pershing Problem

Donald Trump speaking to an audience in North Charleston, South Carolina, February 2016:

"He [Pershing] took 50 bullets, and he dipped them in pigs’ blood. And he had his men load his rifles, and he lined up the 50 people, and they shot 49 of those people. And the 50th person, he said: 'You go back to your people, and you tell them what happened.' And for 25 years, there wasn’t a problem. OK? Twenty-five years, there wasn’t a problem,"

I don't know where Trump got this story - maybe he got it from one of the traveling meme salesmen who like to visit him at the golf course or his parapet in Manhattan - I dunno. It doesn't really matter. The story is bunk regardless. An example of fake history.

What follows is an account of the incident, which Trump misrepresents, excerpted from Black Jack Pershing, by Richard O'Connor; Doubleday & Company, NY, 1961.

[Pages 62 - 63]

Despite all his diplomacy and hospitality, a number of sultans in the lake region refused to come in and parley with Pershing. The sultans of Maciu, of Bacolod, of Bayabao, and of Calabui, and the lesser datus and panglimas who sympathized with them, now saw quite clearly that their authority over the tribes would be sharply reduced if they submitted to the Sultan of Camp Vicars. They had no intention of sharing their ancient powers with an American officer. It was time to discourage his attempts to pacify the lake country.

He was not easily dissuaded that peaceful methods would work and even used what must have seemed like white witchcraft to impress the natives. A number of Moro chiefs, on the verge of warring among themselves, were summoned to a peace conference but balked at signing a treaty. Pershing ordered his aides to bring in an Edison "talking machine," which had just been developed and put on the market back in the States. Helen Gould, the daughter of financier Jay Gould, had purchased ten of the machines and presented them to the Army for recreational purposes. One of these had been sent to the Philippines and was passed along, by coastal steamer and pack train, to Camp Vicars.

Pershing played a musical selection, which only bored the Moros, who regarded tjieir own gong, cymbal, and bamboo flute music as superior. Then he put a cylinder titled "A Day at the Farm" on the machine. The sounds of an American barnyard delighted his guests, but they still refused to sign the treaty.

Pershing nodded to another officer, and a moment later two order- lies appeared. One carried a dead pig, the other a bucket of pig's blood. More than anything else, the Moros feared contamination by a pig, which would bar them from the Mohammedan heaven. Pershing scooped up a dipper of the blood, enough to spatter the whole assemblage, then pointed to the treaty. There was no further argument from the chiefs. One by one they stepped forward and agreed to the treaty.

These various techniques, friendly and forcible, proved their value in the hard campaigning ahead. Pershing had only 700 men under his command and could have been wiped out in the coming year of marching and fighting if the thousands of Malanaos in the lake districts decided to rise up against him.

Apparently this did not completely solve the problem of Moro attacks against Pershing and his men and so, on pages 68-69, we read this:

Accompanied by an escort of infantry and a battery of artillery, Pershing smilingly presented himself at the Sultan of Bayan's craggy headquarters. Since there was no gate in the fort, he and his companions had to climb over the walls on ladders. Once there, he raised the United States flag over the fort and fired a twenty-one gun salute. The Moros were especially impressed with the booming artillery, as Pershing had intended. The sultan, no less impressed, asked Pershing to become the adopted father of his wife. Pershing also adopted four children of the tribe, one of whom he described as "a bright, clean little fellow who has the airs of a Prince of Wales."

Before the visit ended, the sultan and his court decided that an unprecedented honor should be conferred upon Pershing. He was to be consecrated a datu "by the law and rites of the Koran," making him a tribal chieftain, blood relative, and counselor of the Moros of Bayan. Never before and never again would a Christian be made a Moslem prince. With a grave, Moro-like dignity, he submitted himself to the consecration ceremony, possibly wondering what his old Sundayschool teacher in Laclede would have thought of him in that heathen circle.

Pershing, as one of his officers observed, "unflinchingly returned the embrace and kiss on each cheek of the Datu Sadji," even though the datu "had a thick black beard and chewed betel nut . . . and some of the juice thereof had trickled into his beard." There were no comic overtones, however, in Pershing's own account of the Moslem ceremony:

"Each sultan and datu, with his prominent followers in his rear, sat on his heels, the whole forming a circle. The sacred Koran was placed on a mat of native fiber in the center of this circle, guarded by an aged Mohammedan priest, gorgeous in trousers of all colors and a yellow silk upper garment, over whose head a slave held a beautiful silk sunshade. Silver boxes, beautifully engraved, containing betel nut were passed around the circle and then the speechmaking began, each chief in turn giving his opinion. ... At the conclusion, all the rulers
and myself, placing our hands upon the Koran, registered a vow of eternal friendship, allegiance to the United States, and agreed upon a cessation of warfare against each other."

On his return to Camp Vicars, Pershing was so exhilarated by his bloodless victory at Bayan, and more especially by his new rank of datu, that he wrote of his many Moro friendships, "If I should say: 'Go and kill this man or that,' the next day they would appear in camp with his head." From the Manila Times he clipped an editorial praising him for "having won the submission of Bayan through diplomacy" and having acquired a "distinction never before enjoyed by an American."

Well that's a lot different than the story Donald tells isn't it?

On pages 93 and 94 O'Connor's describes an alternative plan of action offered to Pershing with respect to the Moros. A method Pershing rejected in favor of the more diplomatic approach.

General Bliss, commanding the Philippine Division, suggested to Pershing on May 23, 1911, that he adopt the methods used by the British in India to deal with Mohammedan fanaticism. Juramentados, Bliss recommended, should be buried with the carcass of a pig or encased in a pigskin, which meant to any Mohammedan that he would spend eternity in a state of contamination. "This I think a good plan, for if anything will discourage the juramentado it is the prospect of going to hell instead of heaven," Bliss wrote. He recognized that there
might be an outcry of protest from humanitarians over such a measure, but "you can rely on me to stand by you in maintaining this custom. It is the only possible thing we can do to discourage crazy fanatics."

Pershing, however, realized that General Bliss's suggestion, while ingenious, might arouse an enduring bitterness among the whole Moro population. The British in India, for all their condign punishments, including the practice of shooting natives out of cannon, had never managed to rule except by the exercise of force, and he was intent on conciliating the Moros to the extent that they could soon be handed over to civilian administrators.

His approach was paternalistic and would probably have seemed to verge on the maudlin to any proper British colonial officer. It was exemplified by a letter he wrote the Moros of the Taglibi district on Jolo: "I am writing this letter that you may know that I want my children to come in and stop fighting. We do not want any more fighting. Too many Moros and their women may be killed. . . . These guns are not worth fighting for. . . . Your people are better off not to have these guns as we can then have peace in the island. The government will pay for all guns. ... If your people need rice to eat, the government will give it to them. . . . I want to see all of my people and speak to them so that we may forever be friends."

The letter was one of several he collected years later for the memoir of his early career that was never published. "This letter," he later wrote on the top of it, "might be interesting to quote to show simplicity required."

Chicago Tribune, August 31, 1927:


It was into such a situation as [unreadable] then, that Gen. Pershing, then known to the army as "Black Jack" Pershing stepped when he was sent down to subdue the Moros. The story of how he stopped the Juramentados from running amuck [sic], with knives strapped to their hands, and killing as many Christians as possible before they themselves were slain, is well known.

For each Christian they killed they believed they received higher rewards in the after life. By the same token they thought that if they ever were sprinkled with pig's blood they were doomed forever to their own particular hell. With much ceremony Pershing sprinkled some with pig's blood and let them go. Then he announced that any Juramentado thereafter would be sprinkled with pig's blood. And those drops of porcine gore proved more powerful than bullets.

Donald J. Trump should follow his own advice and study what General Pershing of the United States did before he starts jabbering about what he didn't do.

Simplicity provided: the complete text of Black Jack Pershing, by Richard O'Connor can be found at - HERE

Saturday, November 19, 2016

It's Steve Bannon's Kali Yuga And We Just Live In It.

Greetings, and welcome to Steve Bannon's Hotel Vamachara.

C'mon in. Follow me and I'll show you around. From here you can escape every condition of malaise, despair, moral degeneracy and corruption that you could ever wish for.

We are now standing in the Great Atrium of Neo-Fascism and if you look up you will see a replica of Immelmann II, the Junkers Ju 52 airplane featured in Leni Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will, so don't try telling me Hitler was an anti-semite; he palled around with a Ju! Hahaha... just a little politically incorrect humor. We like to kid here, ok, so, moving along...

This, as you may have surmised, is the Grand Ballroom or The Volkshalle where traditionalist ceremonies are held including our annual Oswald Spengler Decline of the West New Year's Eve Ball. On the floor you can observe the inlaid marble tile replica of the Wewelsburg Castle sun wheel and the paintings on the wall you may recognize as well; this one is our favorite and was created by Italian Futurist painter Carlo Carra and is titled Steve Riding a Tiger Among the Ruins. Yes, it's true, many people think that Carlo died in 1966 but he didn't. He is alive and well and living happily in Helgafjell.

Of course you will recognize this portrait of President Donald J. Trump seated behind the wheel of Golf Cart One while giving his trademark finger mudra salute. The painting was donated to the Hotel by an anonymous charitable foundation soon after his inauguration in January. And right here, on this spot in this ballroom, is where, on New Year's Eve, President-elect Trump reached over and seized one time vice presidential candidate for the American Freedom Party, Virginia Abernethy, by the snatch! She was so honored she fainted straight away. Look, right here, that's where she landed. Anyway...

Let's step outside onto the Grand Ballroom balcony. This way, through the white linen wind swept drapes fluttering in the breeze. Here we have a beautiful view of the sea, the most beautiful view of the sea that you will ever see, including the pure golden white sands of Breitbart Beach. The sand itself was imported from Sabaudia, Italy where Benito Mussolini had the swampy marshes of Pontine drained in the 1930s.

And moored right over there, next to Bob Mercer's Sea Owl yacht, is our own flagship charter boat the Black Flame which was originally owned by Benito Mussolini. If you'd like to spend the day on the water please feel free to make reservations to join Captain John Tanton and crew for an exciting historical voyage to the Island of Angry White Nativism where you will be allowed to scour the dunes in search of lost Confederate treasure, expel an undocumented Mexican family from a rock jetty, or set fire to a Vietnamese immigrant's fishing boat.

Of course the Hotel has many other amenities for your enjoyment as well. There is the Tea Party Coffee Shop. There is Richard Spencer's Fashy Cuts Styling Salon and the Fat Shaming Fitness Studio. There is the National Chauvinist Bar and Grill where our famous French Chef Pierre BiƩtry will prepare you a delicious lunch of seared fresh Yellow Socialist Tuna. Or, if you're feeling thirsty, stop in at the Third Positionist Cabaret & Lounge for a drink or two or three. The lounge offers the full selection of Duck Commander / Robertson Family Wines as well as an exceptional sandwich menu which includes a guest favorite the Christian Mobilizer. Which is a half a pound of slow cooked pork loin wrapped in two strips of bacon, topped with a slice of smoked fly-over country ham and white sugar glazed Walla Walla onions all served on a fresh baked Kaiser roll. Guaranteed to repel Muslims! And served with a side order of Alain de Benoist Freedom Fries. Tonight's entertainment will feature stand up comedian Ann Coulter and investigative journalist Alex Jones who will read from the works of Eustace Mullins and Ezra Pound.

Perhaps, instead, you'd enjoy some Power Yoga by the Tantric Pool or a brisk morning goose step through the Garden of Left-Hand Paths stopping beside the Fountain of Nationalist Heroes to watch the Pepe frogs smugly frolicking among the lilies. Or maybe you'd like to visit our Dark Enlightenment Bookstore and Gift Shop located just off the Great Atrium. Everything in our shop is hand made on the premises by our own fully accredited 100% European-American craft folk. Pick up a Make America Great Again hat or one of our rustic hand tied fasces with protruding axe head. Makes a lovely decorative addition to any seasonal feast or holy day celebration or simply as a casual conversation starter. We happily accept gold bars and coins including Krugerrands; especially those minted before 1990.

And in the evenings you are always invited to our National Socialist Beach Party which features a torchlight conga line, dancing under the stars and bars, or just relaxing around a blazing bonfire of late twentieth century feminist literature.

And of course there is your lodging. Our Master Race Suite with a stunning west facing view of The Sovereign Citizen Homeland includes a full array of complimentary amenities including white terrycloth bathrobes with hoods (great for drying your hair) and, for those rainy afternoons, free movies which include Birth of a Nation, Passion of the Christ, Fritz Hippler's 1940 film The Eternal Jew, and Dinesh D'Souza's timeless classic Hillary's America. Oh yes, there's more: if you order from our room service menu any time during your stay we will reward you with 100 bonus points toward your purchase of ammunition at our NRA accredited bunker grotto shooting range located beneath the hotel.

So, if you need anything at all please feel free to contact the concierge desk by dialing Alt-Right and ask for Licio. Because, here at the Hotel Vamachara, Tomorrow Belongs To You!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Il Donald, Il Duce - Action, Aesthetics, and Invention

Excerpted text below from The Anatomy of Fascism by Robert O. Paxton.
If asked what manner of beast fascism is, most people would answer, without hesitation, "fascism is an ideology." The fascist leaders themselves never stopped saying that they were prophets of an idea, unlike the materialist liberals and socialists.


Fascism, by contrast, was a new invention created afresh for the era of mass politics. It sought to appeal mainly to the emotions by the use of ritual, carefully stage-managed ceremonies, and intensely charged rhetoric. The role programs and doctrine play in it is, on closer inspection, fundamentally unlike the role they play in conservatism, liberalism, and socialism. Fascism does not rest explicitly upon an elaborated philosophical system, but rather upon popular feelings about master races, their unjust lot, and their rightful predominance over inferior peoples. It has not been given intellectual underpinnings by any system builder, like Marx, or by any major critical intelligence, like Mill, Burke, or Tocqueville.


“My Twitter has become so powerful that I can actually make my enemies tell the truth.”

Paxton continued:
In a way utterly unlike the classical "isms," the rightness of fascism does not depend on the truth of any of the propositions advanced in its name. Fascism is "true" insofar as it helps fulfill the destiny of a chosen race or people or blood, locked with other peoples in a Darwinian struggle, and not in the light of some abstract and universal reason. The first fascists were entirely frank about this.

We [Fascists] don't think ideology is a problem that is resolved in such a way that truth is seated on a throne. But, in that case, does fighting for an ideology mean fighting for mere appearance? No doubt, unless one considers it according to its unique and efficacious psychological-historical value. The truth of an ideology lies in its capacity to set in motion our capacity for ideals and action. Its truth is absolute insofar as, living within us, it suffices to exhaust those capacities.
The truth was whatever permitted the fascist man (and woman) to dominate others, and whatever made the chosen people triumph.

“An ‘extremely credible source’ has called my office and told me that Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a fraud”

"I watched when the World Trade Center came tumbling down. And I watched in Jersey City, New Jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. Thousands of people were cheering."

“If you look at for instance where I said the thousands of Muslims were cheering. It turned out to be true.”

“The only quote that matters is a quote from me!”

Fascism rested not upon the truth of its doctrine but upon the leader's mystical union with the historic destiny of his people, a notion related to romanticist ideas of national historic flowering and of individual artistic or spiritual genius, though fascism otherwise denied romanticism's exaltation of unfettered personal creativity. The fascist leader wanted to bring his people into a higher realm of politics that they would experience sensually: the warmth of belonging to a new race now fully aware of its identity, historic destiny, and power; the excitement of participating in a vast collective enterprise; the gratification of submerging oneself in a wave of shared feelings, and of sacrificing one's petty concerns for the group's good; and the dull thrill of domination. Fascism's deliberate replacement of reasoned debate with immediate sensual experience transformed politics, as the exiled German cultural critic Walter Benjamin was first to point out, into aesthetics. And the ultimate fascist aesthetic experience, Benjamin warned in 1936, was war.

Fascist leaders made no secret of having no programs. Mussolini exulted in that absence. "The Fasci di Combattimento," Mussolini wrote in the "Postulates of the Fascist Program" of May 1920, "... do not feel tied to any particular doctrinal form." A few months before he became prime minister of Italy, he replied truculently to a critic who demanded to know what his program was: "The democrats of Il Mondo want to know our program? It is to break the bones of the democrats of Il Mondo. And the sooner the better." "The fist," asserted a fascist militant in 1920, "is the synthesis of our theory." Mussolini liked to declare that he himself was the definition of Fascism. The will and leadership of a Duce was what a modern people needed, not a doctrine. Only in 1932, after he had been in power for ten years, and when he wanted to "normalize" his regime, did Mussolini expound Fascist doctrine, in an article (partly ghostwritten by the philosopher Giovanni Gentile) for the new Enciclopedia Italiana. Power came first, then doctrine. Hannah Arendt observed that Mussolini "was probably the first party leader who consciously rejected a formal program and replaced it with inspired leadership and action alone."

Sound like anyone you know?


'The @WSJ Wall Street Journal loves to write badly about me. They better be careful or I will unleash big time on them' (Oct 31, 2016 Twitter post)

Note: Il Mondo (The World) was an anti-fascist newspaper in the early to mid 1920s founded by an Italian politician and activist named Giovanni Amendola. Amendola died in 1926 after being beaten by fascist Blackshirts.

Birth of a Swamp

The Trump Clan Swamp Project is apparently stuck in its own muck these days. Garden State Bridge Troll Chris Christie - and his team of transition booth toll attendants - who had been assigned the task of bridging the great span between now and January 20th has been handed his traffic cone and sent back to Dumbthwacket in his overalls.

Jared Kushner, president-elect (with asterisk) Pussygrabber's son-in-law, has been reasigned the task of transitioning The Brand from Fifth Avenue to Pennsylvania Avenue and as of this writing the project appears to be (if reporting is accurate) in the risk matrix assesment stage.

Estimating the potential trauma caused by the Christie bridge collapse (anything from negligible to catastropic) is difficult to ascertain at this time given the conflicting communications coming not only from the Trump Collaborative control tower in Midtown Manhattan but from panicked onlookers and assistants close to the scene. .

Newly assigned Bloc Kleagle Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III and a team of salt-of-the-earth experts from The Heartland, led by Vice Regent for National Heraldry, Mike Pence, may be arriving shortly to help restore order; setting up mobile transition triage units that will assist with risk management and assessment needs and evaluate degrees of urgency as they become necessary.

New transition team members as well as spokepersons for The Brand have been dircted to wear new hats that read "So Much Winning You Won't Believe It!" as a means of dispelling any rumors that suggest there isn't as much actual winning taking place as some (((media))) may have you believe.

Official Trump Team Public Relations doormat Kellyanne Conway landed briefly beneath the gold Trump Tower marquee on Fifth Avenue to answer any questions that didn't require any actual answers and to dispell any false rumors that may suggest otherwise. Holding a magic wand - and smiling like a direct-entry midwife updating an anxious waiting room on the progress of the first stages of labor - Kellyanne reassured all those concerned that the new Trump administration would arrive happy, healthy, and gurgling; and right on time with all the normal sized digits exactly where they are supposed to be. Yay. And then she waved the wand in the air before her and fluttered back into Trump Tower like a pigeon returning to its dovecoat.

Trump Verwaltung Strategic Master Plan Anfuhrer, Steven Bannon, could not be reached for comment but sources close to the Family Tower in Midtown indicate that a torchlight parade celebrating the TRUMP ascension to power - and currently scheduled for Thanksgiving Day in New York City - may need to be moved forward (perhaps to Christmas Eve) as a result of continuing chaos, difficulties, uncertainties, concerns, !!!smooth!!! develpments surrounding the ongoing winning, so much winning, transition.

Rudy Giuliani, a senior consigliere to Robert Mercer's P2 Hedge Fund Lodge, and current Lunar Colony visionary Newt Gingrich, both currently awaiting further instruction at a Manhattan steak house, would not speak with reporters about any possible deployments that may be forthcoming from the "Hive of Activity" in Midtown. Both did however re-emphasize the need to remain obiedient and faithful to the Trump Family's abilities to address complex transition tasks in an orderly and professional manner consistent with the Trump Brand's elite global status and reputation for excellence in all matters everywhere at all the times no matter what you might hear from the lying media and other affiliated losers. So there.

Lastly: Newly appointed Chief of Staff Reince Priebus reportedly spent the day transitioning into his new role in the Trump organization, which, according to insiders close to insiders, includes fetching golf balls, rolling over on command, and sitting quietly on a plush double-stacked bolster bed located on the floor in front of the President-elect's favorite TV dinner table.

And that's the way it was; Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

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