Wednesday, August 12, 2015

There's A Carly On Your Tail...

Her blood is running cold as hail. Take a look behind, let your staff unwind. If ya think she's not a threat, I warned you don't forget. Carly on your tail!

Carly Fiorina gets a bump up the food chain following the Republican presidential debate on August 6th. Fiorina has also taken a few long distance lunges at front runner Donald Trump who still leads in the polls following a frantic venomous biting frenzy over the last few days. Fiorina, however, appears to be gaining ground on Trump if the current polls are any indication. Like some kind of ground cuckoo stalking a fattened pit viper busy digesting a squeaky little Rand Paul, or whatever is left of Lindsey Graham, the preoccupied Donald may not be aware that there is a another predator sneaking up from behind.

It's like Animal Planet - but with talking animals!

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