Thursday, September 17, 2015

CNN Republican Debate: Winged Nuts

Drudge Poll Gives Fiorina a Bump / The Donald Escapes With Minor Injuries

Carly Fiorina took a couple of shots at the Trump hot air balloon during Wednesday nights CNN Republican debate. Not quite a Dick Cheney shoot'em in the face moment for the The Carly but she nevertheless appeared to wing The Donald with her comeback to his earlier "look at her face" zinger.

Fiorina fired off her response: "I think women all over this country heard very clearly what Mr. Trump said." The audience cheered her retort - [audience thought bubble] hit him again with the metal folding chair! [/audience thought bubble] - and Trump responded by appealing for mercy with a compliment which no-one really believes is sincere: “I think she’s got a beautiful face, and I think she’s a beautiful woman!”

Yeah yeah. Sure you do.

In any event you could hear the birdshot pinging off the propane tanks in The Donald's swingin' balloon basket - if you know what I mean - winged but not waned. No explosion, no fireball, with the Trump balloon careening to earth or crashing into a high voltage power line as millions of horrified viewers watch... live on TV. Or anything else fun like that. No moment of final blood splattered retaliation wherein Carly lunges from her perch and lands upon the wounded Donald. Driving a pointy stake through the back of his melting fiberglass hair and into his roasted skull as some (Rush Limbaugh) had speculated would happen prior to the big main event.

Carly the Compaqt Killer:
RUSH: Okay, in the first debate we heard that it was donors sent out the command to candidates to take Trump out. It didn't happen. It looked like the network did. Now the word has gone out that Carly Fiorina has been instructed to take Trump out, given that he made negative comments about her face. He's got her on the debate stage, a woman. So that's the next thing. That that's a prognostication: "Carly is there take Trump out!" This is the stuff floating around. ~ SEE: Rush Limbaugh, An Odd Feeling About the Debate

Yes, stuff floating around, like in a hot air balloon. But whatever word went out - from wherever the words come out from - the coup de grace amounted to little more than some excitable flapping and sniping and general overall eye rolling. Or whatever.

As of this morn the "Drudge Poll" still has Trump running well in front of the rest of the dogs in the race although Fiorina appears to be nipping at his heels. No doubt as a consequence of the debate.


If there was a big loser in any of this nonsense it may have been the vegetarian (JUST LIKE HITLER!) sleepy Jesus, Ben Carson, who said that he'd like his Secret Service codename to be "One Nation".

Good answer Ben, sounds like: "One Nation... Under God? I get it. But how about something a little more you. Like "General Anesthesia" - that about sums it up.

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