Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Donald of Arabia

Trump International Golf Club, Dubai.

This is why Rush Limbaugh is falling all over himself to stay on The Donald's happy side.

Membership Information
Trump National and International Golf  Clubs are some of the most sought after clubs worldwide. 
Trump Golf is an unrivaled niche in the golf marketplace, where we provide our exclusive membership and high end clients an unparalleled five star experience from the course to the clubhouse. Our private clubs offer a lifestyle of uncompromising personal service, luxury amenities and attention to detail that create a lifetime of priceless memories.

 A variety of membership levels are available at each club and members can enjoy certain reciprocity benefits* between clubs as well.

In addition, members have the opportunity to enroll in TRUMP CARD®, an exciting privileges program providing exclusive benefits from the Trump® Hotel Collection to enjoy when staying at our luxury hotel destinations in New York City (Central Park & SoHo), Chicago, Las Vegas, Waikiki, Toronto, Panama and most recently Doral Golf Resort & Spa Miami.

 Membership has its rewards.

Especially if you play golf in pajamas that make you look like a gigantic cucumber fairy or something plucked from a jiggling vine growing in Ms. Janis and Ms. Demas Magic Garden.

If El Rushbo lines up his putts just right maybe a President Trump will appoint him US ambassador to Dubai - or governor of Puerto Rico - or something... and he can waddle around the fabulous manicured greens every day for free for evermore.

He could relocate his golden microphone underneath a chandelier in Trump's West Palm Beach clubhouse and broadcast important Trump administration press releases concerning feminazi uprisings and economic redevelopment plans to turn the entire state of West Virginia into one big international mini-golf complex and casino and oxycontin theme park. Creating thousands of miles of renovated luxury mine shaft ATV trails and thousands of satellite dish washing jobs. It'll be HUGE!

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