Friday, September 25, 2015

The Weeping Boehner of Butler County

What is it with John Boehner? He's like one of those miraculous weeping statues you hear about every so often. The Holy Office needs to look into this.

Many of you are probably already familiar with the Weeping Boehner of Butler County statue located at Waterworks Park in Fairfield, Ohio. Sure ya are. It is, after all, a cultural feature park. But in case you aren't... here (above) is a photo of it.

~|| UPDATE ||~

No miracle, just a kick in the stomach. House Speaker John "Hell No You Can’t!" Boehner to resign at the end of October:

Boehner, who capped his career with Thursday’s address by Pope Francis, met with a handful of the most conservative Republicans after the papal address to lay out his plan to fund the government. But those rebels continued to agitate and threaten to force a vote at sometime in the near future to vacate his speakership.


Boehner’s departure is rooted in deep conservative discontent with the way he has handle [sic] his majority — in particular, what they have seen as an unwillingness to stand up to President Obama.


The resignation will end a nearly five-year reign as speaker, allowing House Republicans to approve a short-term government funding bill that will avert a shutdown of federal agencies. Boehner’s hold on the speaker’s gavel had grown increasingly unsteady amid threats from more than 30 Republicans that they would force a no-confidence vote in his speaker’s position, ...

Following Boehner’s announcement, House Republicans said there was agreement to pass a clean spending bill to avert a government shutdown. Several members of the Freedom Caucus, the conservative group which led the revolt against Boehner’s leadership, said they will now support the spending bill without demands to defund Planned Parenthood attached to it.


Rep. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.) said Boehner made his announcement by talking about it as part of a “healing process,” closing by praying the Prayer of St. Francis, the papal namesake.

“His crowning accomplishment as speaker happened yesterday, and it was obviously a reflective time,” said Kramer, who called the announcement a “kick in the stomach.” ~ (Washington Post, 9/25/15)

So, his crowning accomplishment was a kick in the stomach? I guess that's a compliment, coming from the "Freedom Caucus"... or what Rush Limbaugh would refer to as the Freedom Caucasians.

“John Boehner dedicated his life to public service. Bringing the Holy Father to Congress was a fitting cap to a great career,” Jeb Bush tweeted.

Boehner will return to Italy with Pope Francis where he will be provided a humble caretaker cottage overlooking Lake Albano. He will live out his days raking sand traps on the Castel Gondolpho Country Club golf course and tending bar at the nearby Castel Gondolpho Hotel.

And that's that. Now, you may go in peace.

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