Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Trump Rally - Madison Square Garden

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Program Highlights from Monday evening's event.

First to speak was James Wheeler-Hill:
My Fellow Christian Americans! It is my privilege to welcome you to this impressive patriotic mass demonstration.... [...] Speaking for myself, much to my regret, I must confess that we are utterly and completely disregarding the Admonition of George Washington TODAY.

There is more than ample evidence in support of this contention! Let us reason from FACTS that cannot be challenged: Who will deny the spread of radicalism with its inspired class hatred, racial sectionalism, political abuses, its moral erosion and subsequent disintegration of our national unity in thought, decision and action. ??? Who is NOT familiar with the billion-dollar yardstick that is required to measure the stupendous total of our national public debt. The billions of dollars spent in excess of our national income: have they done away with the pitiful relief situation after six years? - Have they put back to work 12 million unemployed that are walking the streets of our - the richest nation in the world? Have there not been passionate attacks on other nations? Have we forgotten the President's Chicago speech...

Next, George Froboese of Milwaukee, Wisconsin addressed the rally and denounced Roosevelt for burning "hogs and corn" He also warned of "utopian 'Ham and Egg' plans" and "international Marxist... preaching of Class Warfare." Adding: "The Works Progress Administration, the W.P.A., according to our judgment amounts to a WORKERS PROLETARIZATION ARRANGEMENT, and in effect a political voting machine which has all the characteristics of a demoralizing force enslaving all employees of this and similar alphabetical, Governmental agencies."

Fritz Kuhn was next and spoke out against the "trash" entertainment industry and demanded the media give "the people... the voice of American without the accent." He spoke to those present about the need for unity, referring to them as the "silent majority," and the need to resist those who want to denounce them for their patriotic beliefs. Kuhn:

Many of you assembled here to pay tribute to the memory of George Washington can testify to the reign of terror through which you passed during the World War as citizens of the country. The time certainly was at hand for some one to take the lead in protesting against conditions amounting practically to terrorism, spiritual oppression and denial of justice. The... Bund gratefully took up the task of uniting... in a bond of mutual interest and protection, and it feels itself the true representative of the silent majority of its co-racials in the cultural, economic and political field.

From the day this organization was formed and attracted public attention, it had to... fight to a decision. An unprecedented campaign of hate and defamation set in.... via the so-called Free Press, the radio and the cinema. We have a theoretical constitutional right to the use of these public facilities to defend our good name and refute accusations, but alas, my friends: the press, the radio, and the cinema are in the hands of Jews [Liberals! Socialists! Muslims! Freemasons! Etc! Etc!]... and like outspoken patriots, we are hindered [by political correctness!] in our right to refute silly charges that would not stand up in court under cross-examination.

[... excerpts ...]

If you ask what we are actively fighting for... I will here repeat the declaration I made public some time ago:

~ Immediate cessation of the dumping of all political "refugees" on the shores of the United States.

~ Thorough cleaning of the Hollywood film industries of all alien, subversive activities.

~ Cessation of all abuse of the freedom of the pulpit, press, radio and stage.

~ A return of our Government to the policies of George Washington: Aloofness from foreign entanglements. Severance of all connections with the League of Nations.

That is our program. Take it or leave it. If you approve and wish to make your influence felt - for alone you are powerless - the Bund is open to you, provided you are sincere, of good character... and an American Citizen imbued with patriotic zeal!


Donald Trump finished the program, speaking for only five or six minutes, but reminding the audience that he was very smart and popular and wealthy and knew how to make deals and would construct a Maginot style wall across the southern border to keep the Latin Papists, Mexicali bootleggers and traveling donkey shows out of the United States. He told them he loved George Washington more than you would believe and George Washington would certainly have loved him too. He urged the audience to read his books and to ring Rand Paul up on the stick phone some time soon and tell him that he is a silly little midget and a loser. Then he fielded questions from the audience.

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