Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Kasich Takes Gowanus Canal!

To the buffet! - “We aren’t going anywhere but up..." ~ John Kasich, following his second place finish (behind Donald Trump) in NY's GOP primary race.

John Kasich beats up The Donald in the silk stocking district!

As of this writing John Kasich has 1,591 votes to The Donald's 1,057 with Ted Cruz wiping up at 271. It was closer in Midtown (where Trump Tower looms) with Donald edging out Kasich by 20 votes (Donald J. Trump 300 / John Kasich 280). For what it's worth: Hillary collected 2,260 votes in Midtown while Bernie totaled 1004. So obviously this is a great victory for Trump! Because... just because.

Across the bridge in Brooklyn Ted Cruz impressed the voters in the Hasidic Jewish neighborhood of Borough Park (Brooklyn) by winning there with 817 votes to The Donald's 576 votes. John Kasich pocketed 86 votes from Borough Park despite his best efforts to explain Talmudic genealogy and other stuff of local interest to the assembled chosen faithful.

But in the Park Slope / Gowanus neighborhoods of Brooklyn - did you know my that mother was from Park Slope... did you? Well, she was... - John Kasich hit the jackpot with 273 votes to Donald Trump's 241 and Ted Cruz picking through the ruins with 75.

What does any of this mean? Who the fuck knows. Who cares.

It's on to Pennsylvania where John Kasich will explain water bath canning and the internal combustion engine to the Amish!

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