Saturday, November 19, 2016

It's Steve Bannon's Kali Yuga And We Just Live In It.

Greetings, and welcome to Steve Bannon's Hotel Vamachara.

C'mon in. Follow me and I'll show you around. From here you can escape every condition of malaise, despair, moral degeneracy and corruption that you could ever wish for.

We are now standing in the Great Atrium of Neo-Fascism and if you look up you will see a replica of Immelmann II, the Junkers Ju 52 airplane featured in Leni Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will, so don't try telling me Hitler was an anti-semite; he palled around with a Ju! Hahaha... just a little politically incorrect humor. We like to kid here, ok, so, moving along...

This, as you may have surmised, is the Grand Ballroom or The Volkshalle where traditionalist ceremonies are held including our annual Oswald Spengler Decline of the West New Year's Eve Ball. On the floor you can observe the inlaid marble tile replica of the Wewelsburg Castle sun wheel and the paintings on the wall you may recognize as well; this one is our favorite and was created by Italian Futurist painter Carlo Carra and is titled Steve Riding a Tiger Among the Ruins. Yes, it's true, many people think that Carlo died in 1966 but he didn't. He is alive and well and living happily in Helgafjell.

Of course you will recognize this portrait of President Donald J. Trump seated behind the wheel of Golf Cart One while giving his trademark finger mudra salute. The painting was donated to the Hotel by an anonymous charitable foundation soon after his inauguration in January. And right here, on this spot in this ballroom, is where, on New Year's Eve, President-elect Trump reached over and seized one time vice presidential candidate for the American Freedom Party, Virginia Abernethy, by the snatch! She was so honored she fainted straight away. Look, right here, that's where she landed. Anyway...

Let's step outside onto the Grand Ballroom balcony. This way, through the white linen wind swept drapes fluttering in the breeze. Here we have a beautiful view of the sea, the most beautiful view of the sea that you will ever see, including the pure golden white sands of Breitbart Beach. The sand itself was imported from Sabaudia, Italy where Benito Mussolini had the swampy marshes of Pontine drained in the 1930s.

And moored right over there, next to Bob Mercer's Sea Owl yacht, is our own flagship charter boat the Black Flame which was originally owned by Benito Mussolini. If you'd like to spend the day on the water please feel free to make reservations to join Captain John Tanton and crew for an exciting historical voyage to the Island of Angry White Nativism where you will be allowed to scour the dunes in search of lost Confederate treasure, expel an undocumented Mexican family from a rock jetty, or set fire to a Vietnamese immigrant's fishing boat.

Of course the Hotel has many other amenities for your enjoyment as well. There is the Tea Party Coffee Shop. There is Richard Spencer's Fashy Cuts Styling Salon and the Fat Shaming Fitness Studio. There is the National Chauvinist Bar and Grill where our famous French Chef Pierre BiƩtry will prepare you a delicious lunch of seared fresh Yellow Socialist Tuna. Or, if you're feeling thirsty, stop in at the Third Positionist Cabaret & Lounge for a drink or two or three. The lounge offers the full selection of Duck Commander / Robertson Family Wines as well as an exceptional sandwich menu which includes a guest favorite the Christian Mobilizer. Which is a half a pound of slow cooked pork loin wrapped in two strips of bacon, topped with a slice of smoked fly-over country ham and white sugar glazed Walla Walla onions all served on a fresh baked Kaiser roll. Guaranteed to repel Muslims! And served with a side order of Alain de Benoist Freedom Fries. Tonight's entertainment will feature stand up comedian Ann Coulter and investigative journalist Alex Jones who will read from the works of Eustace Mullins and Ezra Pound.

Perhaps, instead, you'd enjoy some Power Yoga by the Tantric Pool or a brisk morning goose step through the Garden of Left-Hand Paths stopping beside the Fountain of Nationalist Heroes to watch the Pepe frogs smugly frolicking among the lilies. Or maybe you'd like to visit our Dark Enlightenment Bookstore and Gift Shop located just off the Great Atrium. Everything in our shop is hand made on the premises by our own fully accredited 100% European-American craft folk. Pick up a Make America Great Again hat or one of our rustic hand tied fasces with protruding axe head. Makes a lovely decorative addition to any seasonal feast or holy day celebration or simply as a casual conversation starter. We happily accept gold bars and coins including Krugerrands; especially those minted before 1990.

And in the evenings you are always invited to our National Socialist Beach Party which features a torchlight conga line, dancing under the stars and bars, or just relaxing around a blazing bonfire of late twentieth century feminist literature.

And of course there is your lodging. Our Master Race Suite with a stunning west facing view of The Sovereign Citizen Homeland includes a full array of complimentary amenities including white terrycloth bathrobes with hoods (great for drying your hair) and, for those rainy afternoons, free movies which include Birth of a Nation, Passion of the Christ, Fritz Hippler's 1940 film The Eternal Jew, and Dinesh D'Souza's timeless classic Hillary's America. Oh yes, there's more: if you order from our room service menu any time during your stay we will reward you with 100 bonus points toward your purchase of ammunition at our NRA accredited bunker grotto shooting range located beneath the hotel.

So, if you need anything at all please feel free to contact the concierge desk by dialing Alt-Right and ask for Licio. Because, here at the Hotel Vamachara, Tomorrow Belongs To You!

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