Sunday, January 14, 2018

Cue the Sleazeballs

Followers of "Q" conspiracy theory "drops" like to display their intelligence creds by posting photos and messages like the one below which supposedly offers evidence that Joe Biden is part of some Satanic Cabal of Deep State Pedophiles that control global, private and government institutions including the FBI, NSA CIA, global banking, and so on and so forth. (The hashtags in the pictured Tweet - #QAnon, #TheStorm, #FollowTheWhiteRabbit - are links to Q conspiracy pages.)

So let's, for a moment, follow the bread crumb and look into this so-called disturbing photo of Joe Biden. What do we have here? What has "surfaced"?

What we actually have in this tweeted message is a cropped Associated Press photo of Joe Biden at his son's funeral in 2015.

Twitter Image

Biden is seen comforting his grandson, the late Beau Biden's son, during his father's burial service. The twit who posted the tweet above likes to think of himself as "a visionary entrepreneur with a focus on digital technology and a strong passion for resolving social issues."

Yeah, sure. But apparently this self-described visionary has yet to discover Google's digital image search technology.

Let's play along - see how this works:

Here, at left, we have a photo of Ronald Reagan (which, obviously, is very disturbing. Someone should take a closer look at him.) Right, because this photo of RR offers clear evidence that RR may have been an early founder of the Global Satanic child molesting Pedo Cabal! Of course it does. The photo was probably taken inside some secretive deep underground child sex trafficking bunker decades ago. Or the basement of a pizza parlor. Of course it was.

What other conclusion could a passionate social issue visionary conclude?

Here's the uncropped photo: It's a picture of RR with his first wife Jane Wyman and their daughter Maureen, circa 1943.

BOOM! See how that works? Jane Wyman, we must conclude, was also part of the cabal!

They don't call 'em Deplorables for nothing.

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