Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Who is Steve Bannon?

All day long cable news (ie: MSNBC) and radio (ie: NPR) have been struggling mightily with the monumental question: Who is Steve Bannon? As if they were attempting to decipher the contents of the Voynich Manuscript or calculate the exact distance, down to the mile, to the edge of the unobservable universe.

As if figuring this out were some kind of great existential question on the nature of human existence. So, in order to help out the floundering buggers, let us take a tip from Nietzsche and conclude that The Bannon can be explained by an examination of the known actions of The Bannon himself. And therefore, given what we know from The Bannon's stewardship of his own media flagship and the actions (past and present) produced as a consequence of that stewardship - as if observing the turbulence or wake of a black flame as it prods it's way through dark waters - we can arrive at the following conclusion:

Steve Bannon is a middle finger on a hand that tickles the asshole of the Alt-Right sea.

There ya go media. Mystery solved! And, by the way, he's also a neo-fascist. Although a lot of it isn't really all that neo. (FYI)

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